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    Vegov hram is a well known name of the Inn.


    It is most popular among guests who love to change the scenery and enjoy eating the original Slovenian dishes, other well prepeared meals and domestic wine of quality.


    Family tradition of the Inn goes back to 19. century and lasts for four generations. Jože and Ana Zupančič started selling wine at the farm-house called "Kufčeva domačija" in Dolsko. Later they opened a small shop with the restaurant "Pr' Jozlnu." In the year 1895, they built a new house for their children in the same place where the Inn Vegov hram is situated today.

    Son Rudolf together with his wife Katarina were managing the small shop together with the restaurant "Pr' Jozlnu" until the Second World War. Grandson Rudi and his wife Ivanka opened the door of the restaurant Vegov hram in the year 1971 and have continued the family tradition.

    In the year 1997, private premises in the first flour of the restaurant were completley renovated to the guest rooms. The service of the restaurant has been expanded to the Inn. In the year 2005, the opening of the wine cellar has again revived the original family tradition.

    The Inn Vegov hram is named after world's famous mathematician Baron Jurij Vega, whose birthhouse is in Zagorica not far away from Dolsko. Yet after four generations, Zupančič family is still prepearing traditional Slovenian dishes for their guests.

    Vegov hram drawn
    Vegov hram old house

LB&T Vegov hram, d.o.o.; Dolsko 57, SI-1262 Dol pri Ljubljani, Slovenia; TEL: +386 1 5647 140, FAX: +386 1 5647 140,
GSM: +386 31 290 510,

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